YOUR village … YOUR voice!

On the 7th September 2017 you have a chance to vote in a referendum to decide if you agree with the proposed
Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan that has been prepared by a steering group of volunteer village residents on
behalf of the Parish Council.

This referendum will give you the opportunity to have YOUR SAY.

Take a look at Chinnor from the air We have used a drone to capture Chinnor from the air. Reminding us how great our village is.
The BBC's Countryfile explains Neighbourhood Plans Although a few years old now, this BBC video explains why we have Neighbourhood Plans and what they can do.
For more videos see our YouTube channel

The Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan (CNP)

Before we started developing the CNP, we took a long and detailed look at both the history and the facts about
Chinnor. We took time to research and think about its location, the surroundings, size, housing, infrastructure, employment and heritage and via a public consultation process we collected a summary of what residents think about life in the village together with their views on the challenges facing the Parish.

The final CNP, that the referendum will decide on, covers a series of specific subject areas, an analysis of the current situation and proposes specific policy statements and Action Points for the future.

If the proposed CNP is supported at the referendum it will become an integral part of the South Oxfordshire Planning Regulations in the future.

The Plan is a formal, long and detailed document so we have pulled out the main proposals below and provide a link to the section of the Plan where you can read the detail.


If you want to straight to read the whole of the Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan in one document or go straight to each section to read in detail, please click on this link to go to our Downloads section. From here you will also be able to print any section you want. You can also read hard copies of the document by visiting the Chinnor Parish Council offices during their normal opening hours.